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Hi Ashley, I went for my third job interview today and got all three jobs, but I think I will accept this one! They commented on how awesome the Résumé and Portfolio was. I thought I would let you know as the company that I was being interviewed by also do CV and Portfolio building for Nurses! So, I felt it was more of a complement coming from them! I will come back to you for another cover letter probably in about 6 months when I do some more education!
Hi Melia, I want to thank you and your team for creating my Resume and application for the position I was going for. I think you all did wonderful work and created something I could never have created myself. In case you were wondering, I did get that interview and one other I used that application style for. Hopefully, the job offer will come shortly. It shows that what you do is what people are looking for and I am grateful for your efforts.

Thanks Again,

Brett K
Hi Emma, The hospital Director of Nursing spoke to me about my application and was really impressed with it and advised he would contact me as soon as an RN position became available…

I just wanted to let you know that it was your fantastic selection criteria that helped me so much.

Following the fantastic resume you guys completed for me that last time I am now applying for A clinical nurse position in phase two of the Q health recruitment. There are a few changes to the template with this position. I was just wondering how much would it cost for you guys to change my resume to suit that application? Oh and I got the job I was applying for with your resume so thanks again.
I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding the KSC you completed for me. I had 3 friends of mine look at this document. They are all in senior nursing management jobs (DON & above).

They all said how well written the responses are and most importantly how concise the responses are.

It’s reassuring for me to hear that from people I know and trust who are employing people for the exact role I am going for.

So, thank you very much for your time and effort in producing this KSC. You ensured you had a comprehensive understanding of the job requirements and what it is that I wanted the document to show.


Our Resume Process Works!

Once you’ve paid and completed your ‘Resume Information Form’ and provided us with any existing resume, you and the Writer have a phone-based consultation. The Writer will ask you questions about your career history, yourself, your professional goals and preferences. Without this information, your Writer’s ability to craft a winning resume is limited.
Your dedicated Writer will now use all the information you have sent by email, as well as the notes from your phone consultation and create the most professional and enticing resume you’ve ever had. Your Writer sends your completed resume to the Editor who ensures punctuation; grammar and other errors are eliminated. The Editor the sends your completed resume to the Graphic Artist, who will create an eye-catching unique professional design to present your resume so that it stands out from the other resumes submitted and immediately gets noticed, read and remembered. This is a critical step in creating a professional and polished image of you as a candidate.
Our experienced Graphic Artist sends your resume to you. The entire process usually takes 7 days from the date of your phone consultation, unless you have specified you require an express service. Our comprehensive service is unique amongst resume writing services worldwide.
Our dedicated resume revisions consultant will assist with any requests for reviews of work. For example if you would like to discuss content, design, or structure of the documents. Our happiest clients are those that utilise our services to the fullest! For client feedback and to connect socially, visit the Nursing Resumes Facebook page.
The team at Nursing Resumes understands that not everyone has the need for interview skills training, however consider the benefits of this training over the long-term. Interview skills coaching sessions could help you secure the job you never thought you could get. The difference between who gets the position and who doesn’t frequently comes down to interview performance. Nursing Resumes interview coaching consists of an initial consultation, then a comprehensive one-on-one phone session with our Senior Trainer, then research and material are provided to ensure you are able to practice your new-found skills.