What is a Statement of Claims?

When you are applying for a position within the government you will always be asked to complete responses to key selection criteria. On occasion this criteria may be condensed into what is referred to as a “Statement of Claims”.  In essence you are still answering each individual criteria however in a summarised format. Typically a statement of claims will vary from 2 to 3 pages depending on the scope of the position you are seeking. This does not give your room for wasted words.

The best way to ensure that you are providing the most relevant examples in response to the criteria or statement of claims and in essence the strongest application is to engage the services of a professional writer. At Nursing Resumes our team specialise in the preparation of winning resumes, cover letters and statement of claims for clients who work in the nursing industry. Our writer will use the STAR Model which is the most effective way to answer selection criteria and statement responses. They will ensure that your document is written in a manner which most closely aligns and demonstrates your skills and expertise in direct reference to the desired qualities sought by the employer.

The purpose of your application is to make you stand out from other applicants. Most of your competition will list the same qualifications and experience as you, however your point of difference will be in the professionally thought out responses to the employer’s needs. Nursing personnel need to be meticulously organised and what better way to present this skill than through the presentation of a well-planned and written application focusing on what the employer is seeking.

What a statement of claims should not do is fluff around with pointless claims or wasted words that have not relevance or cannot be substantiated with clear examples of a situation in which you have utilised the desired skills or quality.

Rather than put your career in the hands of the maybe gods, take control and allow the professionals from Nursing Resumes to work in unison with you increasing your credibility and bettering your chances of interview selection.