Interview Coaching and Techniques 

Are you prepared for the questions which will asked during an interview process. Your interview can take many shapes and forms from a one person interview through to a full panel interview consisting of multi-disciplinary personnel. Panel interviews can be very daunting even for the most experienced and seasoned. A interview regardless of its format specifically designed with the purpose of assessing your responses, to test your resilience and answers to questions under pressure. Your interviewer is highly experienced in their field and will take note of every aspect, including the length of time it takes to answer a question, how confident you are and is the response what they are looking for.

To better prepare yourself for interviews we offer interview techniques and coaching as part of our service. One of our experienced staff members will engage with you on a one-on-one basis to build up your confidence. We will help you to confidently sell yourself as the person they are looking for. That’s right, you may not be the most highly qualified but you will be the best at selling, highlighting yourself, skills, qualifications and abilities.

One of the key benefits to interview coaching is the improvement in verbal communication. You will start to respond to questions quicker with confidence. These skills will not only be beneficial during your interview process but they will transfer into daily liaison with colleagues, managers, clients giving you’re the self-assurance you may have been lacking in your ability.

A summary of what is covered in Nursing Resume interview coaching;

  • Self-confidence and nerve control
  • How to make a great first impression
  • Prompt confident answering of questions
  • Dealing with panel interviews
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Questions to ask interviewers

With a combination of our professional services whether for the complete package, including your resume, cover letter, selection criteria or statement responses and interview coaching, or using only our interview coaching you will notice a shift in you and how your respond and handle situations with more poise and conviction.

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