In the competitive world of health sector recruitment, you need to have the very best chance to be seen and heard. You have the qualifications and you may already have a resume, but these are only part of the package. With hundreds of qualified candidates all applying for the same nursing job you need a competitive edge. Although algorithms are used more and more to filter resumes, a recent report shows that this method is blanking off very capable candidates from being seen. (Source)

At our dedicated, experienced team of professionals can offer you an end-to-end service that will see you right through to your nursing job interview and beyond.

Our Career Development councillors will discuss with you your optimal professional path and options for progression. Once this has been established our writers will work with you to write the ideal resume, using as its base one of 100s of templates our in-house graphic designers have prepared.

Next, we will hone your key selection criteria document to perfection. This vital document, more than anything else, will help your employer assess your specific capacity to fulfil the demands of the nursing job position. These two documents together will flawlessly reflect your qualifications, experience and your core abilities and understanding of the position being sought.

Next, once the interview date is confirmed, our experienced interview coaches will train you on the interview environment, communication techniques, and through practice will give you the confidence and tools you need to shine on the big day.

And even once you’ve landed your nursing job, will be there for you to teach you to use social media, especially LinkedIn, to maintain your profile, network effectively and be the first to hear of relevant news and openings in your field.

By taking a holistic approach to your to career progression will enable you to achieve your goals, maintain them, and take you to the next stage in your professional path. Call us today for a chat and no-obligation quote.