Australia needs healthcare workers. This is undisputable. As the country’s population continues to grow, so the demand for nurses rises with it. Be it in rural areas or the major city hubs, carers of all categories are a vital commodity. A recent report indicates that there will an imminent and acute shortfall of nurses due to population health trends, combined with an ageing nursing workforce and poor retention rates. But with the number of healthcare workers also increasing, both from Australia and overseas, how do you, as a newly qualified or experienced nurse, make sure you are the person landing a particular position?

The answer is you need an edge, and Nursing Resumes will give it to you. We have a dedicated, experienced team of resume professionals ready to offer you an end-to-end service that will see you right through the selection process and even give you some indispensable interview coaching tips as well.

The process begins when we discuss with you your possible professional path and options for progression. Once this has been established, one of our team of professional writers will be picked to work with you to compose not just your resume, but the all-important cover letter and key selection criteria document. This will then be given to our in-house design department to insert one of our many bespoke templates. Then, you are ready to shine!

As you know, the healthcare job market is a fast-moving, crowded environment. Even though there are many openings, there is also many times that number in qualified personnel eager to fill those roles. But the documents we will prepare will all work together to perfectly reflect that critical mix of your qualifications, experience, your key achievements, as well as your clear understanding of the requirements of the position being sought.

Healthcare professionalsOnce the interview is confirmed, we can take you through the interview experience, training you on what sort of questions to expect, how to answer them, how to use simple neuro-linguistic communication techniques to put you and interviewer on the same wavelength, and, through practice, will give you the confidence you need to shine on the big day.
So no matter how busy the healthcare job market may be, the team at Nursing Resumes are here to make sure you will be the face in the crowd that will be noticed. Call us today for a no-obligation chat about your nursing career.