The need for a strong, commanding Nursing Resume has never been greater!

Nursing; I’ve got the skills, why can’t I get an interview with an employer?

You’re sitting with family discussing the pros and cons of the nursing job market. You ask the question, ‘I’ve got all the skills for this job. Why can’t I get an interview?’ Nursing Resumes can help you to compile a professional nursing resume highlighting your career, strengths, experience and more.

Gone are the days when you could send your nursing resume to hospital administration, make a phone call and hey presto you are granted an interview. The industry has evolved. Once upon a time hospital-based training was the norm. Now employers deem university education the new norm, but the process of selection and recruitment has also changed. Today hospitals have drastically widened the pool of applicants all competing for that one role. Some applicants have many years of experience, others less than two years, yet others are new graduates with a mix of skills. The reality is, you may be one of hundreds of applicants, for the single role available.

How do they choose?

This is where your nursing resume comes into play, although you may not have the same level of skills or experience as other candidates clearly highlighting life experience and transferable qualities will definitely aid your candidacy.

There have been significant changes over the last 10 years in the way Nurses and Allied Health professionals are recruited. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfares report of 2012, there are currently 330,680 Registered Nurses and Midwives nationally. Between 2002 and 2011, registrations of new graduates jumped up a whopping 79%, equating to 9,950 new recruits.

Now you are competing with your colleagues for promotions and new roles. But, you are also competing with an increased presence of graduates, all eager to learn and get a foot in the door.

With such competition, recruiters normally take just 20 seconds to review the average resume. ‘How does your nursing resume stand out from the crowd?’

So here is the key to standing out…prepare a professional nursing resume that is succinct, accurate and highlights your key skills to accurately address the job description. You need to show what you did in your last role, what you achieved and how employing you will fulfil their need.

The next step is up to you.


As I see it, you have three options: continue to put your application out there and hope for the best that you will get a call back. Secondly, rewrite your own CV utilising some of the hints and examples found in this website. Thirdly, speak to a Professional Writer today to see how they can assist. The Writer will conduct a consultation that will take you through your employment history, discussing what you did, how you did it and how you would do it differently. The conversation is all about you. The role of a Professional Resume Writer is to accurately portray your skills and qualities.

To find out more about our nursing resume service, talk to one of our experienced staff to discuss your needs. This might be the first step to your new role.

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