You’re newly qualified in the nursing arena, or you’re seeking a new challenge. You’ve found a job that suits your qualifications and experience. You may even have a terrific resume ready to fire off. You’re sure you meet all the requirements – it’s the perfect job. There’s just that small matter of the key selection criteria document. You think, surely, that’s a matter of ticking off the points and assuring the prospective employer you’ve either done, or fully understand what’s required.  That’s when you need to call in A recent article from Karen Keast of HealthTimes underlines the importance of getting it right.  (Source)

Sadly, many candidates, when submitting nursing resumes fall down at this critical juncture. The key selection criteria – or KSC – document is in fact vitally important for your potential employer to find the perfect match for their position.

As you know, openings for jobs in nursing receive a significant number of applications, each which will have the requisite qualifications and desired years of experience. So your employer must assess all the candidates on merit. This is where the KSC document comes in. The experienced writers at know that a well-prepared KSC document will showcase the candidates’ specific experience previously gained and how it compliments those of the position. Having precisely the qualifications desired by the KSC document isn’t always a necessity as much as interpretive skills and experience that could match those being sought.

This is the time a concise, professionally written key selection criteria document will put you ahead of the competition. Employers are looking for that wow factor that demonstrates that not only do you have the qualifications and experience for the position, but that you can clearly convey your understanding of these issues on the written page, which gains their attention and gains you an interview.

So let the dedicated team at prepare your KSC document. We know you can perform the job you’re applying for, let us present you in the best possible light. You only get one shot, so make it count.