You just completed your Bachelor of Nursing and after three years you are ready to take on your first position. All your years of training have culminated in achieving the qualification needed to step on the first rung in your healthcare sector career. All the tuition and training you have received at University for the job of nursing however, will not have prepared you for the job of actually getting that position. The art of the resume is a fine one as you will quickly discover, and only a select few are shortlisted for interview.

Nursing Interview PreparationBut help is at hand. The team at Nursing Resumes know exactly how to present both you and your skills in the best possible light. We have years of experience in the nursing industry preparing candidates and resumes for that all-important interview.

As daunting as the prospect is, the key is to present a balanced picture that shows you as an individual, including your career outlook, together with a clear, concise and articulate understanding of the job, including responding to all the key selection criteria elements of the position. We will achieve this for you and the entire package will be visually compelling, entirely congruent to your strengths and the level of the role you are applying for, as well as written in such a way that it will be noticed.

We will take you through the process, conduct a consultation with you, then within 7-10 days (or sooner, if you have a submission deadline to meet) your nursing resume, cover letter and perhaps key selection criteria will be delivered, and you are ready to begin job hunting.

Once you are shortlisted, we are also on hand to coach you through the interview process. So there is no need to panic, as you are only a few short steps away from getting the nursing job you want with a professional resume that will get you noticed. Call us today to have an informal chat about your career direction.