As a qualified nurse you are undoubtedly experienced in your chosen field of work. However as with everyone there comes a time in your career where you may wish to branch into areas of specific nursing. The application process for any positions in today job market is a long and exhaustive one and it starts with the preparing of your professional documents.

When you are making applications in today’s market you need to make sure that your:

RESUME – is current, and provides relevant experience, skills, training and a clear indication of your work history for the past 5 to 10 years. You should not include information that has relevance to the position you are seeking unless it is a clearly identifiable transferrable skills such as communication, computer or interpersonal skills.

COVER LETTER – this is an introduction for yourself giving potential employers a brief overview of you and how you can benefit the organisation. Ideally a cover letter should be written for every application targeting the individual role with specific references, good use of key words and not exceeding 1 page in length unless otherwise stated.


Responding to Nursing Selection Criteria often involves a great deal of work as applications can have anywhere between 4 and 10 key selection criteria that employers are looking for. The more senior of specialist the role the greater the number of selection criteria.


There is no reason why you can’t write your own responses, however at Nursing Resumes we understand that everyone is busy and we also understand the commitment and time needed to prepare a quality application. Our team of writers possess in-depth understanding of what human resources are targeting and searching for, we are skilled in the writing of resumes, cover letters and nursing selection criteria responses. With our assistance we can dramatically increase your candidacy and chances of interview selection against other equally qualified persons.

For your next application call Nursing Resumes.