Advantages to using a Nursing Resume Writer

Nursing is broad and varied with the ability to take your career in many directions both nationally and internationally. As with all medical related jobs nursing has and will always been a vital component in the delivery of health services. When you are looking for a new job or career advancement opportunity you will immediately be thinking of the process involved in securing this new position. This includes a succinct nursing resume.

Generally three things will spring to mind. Resume – Cover letter – Key Selection Criteria. Once you have faced the fact that you will need to complete this three step process for every application you will probably be hit with the daunting fact of how and am I able to depict my skills is a strong enough fashion to beat all other candidates vying for the same positions you are after.

The thought of engaging the services of professional organisation such as Nursing Resumes will probably be considered at some point. Following are 5 reasons to hire a professional resume writer to help with your application process.

  1. Your inability to write well

Everyone has their talents and yours may not be in the written word. If you are reading your resume and would not hire yourself, then this more than likely the same reaction you are getting from employers.  To give your application increased opportunity for success engaging a professional writer who specialises in weaving magic with words to entrance employers and HR professionals, allowing them to see your strengths clearly and enable them to discern what they need from your resume at a glance will be of great benefit.

  1. You’re not getting interviews

If you have been searching for a new job for some time and have had no luck at all, there is obviously something wrong in your application process and will most likely be with your nursing resume. It may not be strong enough, written badly too busy or not contain relevant information.  Yes, hiring the services of a professional can be expensive however the results will be worth it when you secure your dream job. Resume writers are professionals in the written word, they know how to captivate an audience i.e. potential employers with a combination of design and strong keyword driven content to help you stand out from other candidates.

  1. Your resume is too busy

If your nursing resume cannot easily give an employer what they are looking for, or does not contain key components which they are seeking then you are not going to get past the first gate. A resume is a synopsis of your work or career history, not a biography and should not contain irrelevant or past information from every job you have had since leaving school.  Employers are not interested in your social life, activities or sports interests unless it is relevant to the type of industry you are in.

Over the years I have come across many resumes which either, have too much information and even worse they contain too little. If an employer cannot look at a role which you have done and clearly identify 4 to 6 key responsibilities which you have carried out in that position then how are they going to know what you are capable of doing? On the other hand if you have put down every menial task which you completed for every single position you have had then a prospective employer is going to be overwhelmed with information.

  1. Bad layout

Is your nursing resume easy to read, does is flow consecutively providing an employer a quick glimpse of your work history without having to seek out information. If your answer is no. then your resume layout needs revisiting. A resume should flow from one area of importance to the next giving an employer or HR professional a quick, yet comprehensive look at you, your key skills, work history and education providing clear examples of the skills and experience you have obtained through out your career.

  1. No clear career path or work history

Does your career path read like a maze or a nice straight road?  In either case you need to ensure that your chosen resume layout paints a clear picture for prospective employers of your strengths, key skills and abilities and transferrable skills which will be of relevance to the positions you are seeking.  If your career path or work history has major inconsistencies, regular career changes or large portions of unemployment due to all manner of reasons, including raising a family for most women you need to again ensure that your resume highlights strengths and key skills of relevance.

There are many popular resume styles available which are used and you need to select the appropriate one depending on your particular situation.

In conclusion – if you are struggling in one or more of these issues and are finding it difficult in the job market today. A professional resume writer will be of enormous benefit. Yes they can be a little expensive, however most resume writing services now-a-days are tax deductible and the results will astound you as a talented writer will take your train wreck of a resume and transform it into a strong depiction of you and your experience focusing on your strengths, achievements and career accomplishments.

The end result will be that you secure that new job or dream job in a shorter period of time beating other qualified candidates.