Graduate Nursing Resumes

Graduate nursing positions are competitively sought after. Once you establish yourself as an experienced nurse, you should never be out of work, however, like most skilled professions gaining that first job is the most challenging.

There are many benefits of having a professional nursing resume. For example, as a graduate you will be competing against a very high number of graduate nurse applicants, so a very good resume and cover letter will dramatically increase your chances of gaining interviews. The difference between gaining an interview and missing out can be minor, so it’s important you do everything within your power that you can to deliver only the best resume for any nursing position you apply for.

Professional Resumes

A Professional Nursing Resume will increase your career opportunities. A career in nursing offers boundless opportunity for those who can demonstrate the clinical and leadership capabilities, dedication and passion required for success. A commitment to continuous professional development and the aptitude for learning new skills are vital in the ever-changing healthcare industry.

In today’s competitive employment market, the best jobs often attract hundreds of applicants with similar qualifications and comparable experience. A professionally written nursing resume will help you stand out from the crowd – highlighting the improved patient outcomes you have contributed to, the unique experiences you have learned from, and the personal attributes you will bring to the role.

As clinical experts, nurses writing their own resumes often include complex medical jargon, abbreviations and terminology from a specific unit or hospital that may not be common across the healthcare industry. A professional nursing resume writer will simplify the language without compromising your clinical experience and technical capability. A professionally written resume will enable non-clinical Human Resource and Recruitment professionals to identify the key skills and the personal value that you will bring.

If you are seeking to move into a different field of nursing or progress into a leadership position, a Professional Resume Writer will identify the transferable skills and experiences relevant to demonstrate your potential and capacity for success in a new environment.
Our nursing resume writing team have extensive experience working within the healthcare industry, screening, interviewing and recruiting nurses and clinical leaders in a range of primary, secondary and tertiary health environments, as well as home and community care. We have also written hundreds of resumes and applications that effectively showcase the diverse talents of our clients, enabling them to secure the next steps in their professional nursing careers.

Interview Skills Coaching

The team at Nursing Resumes understands that not everyone has the need for interview skills training. However, consider the benefits of this training over the long-term.

The techniques learned in our sessions are designed to help in an interview situation. However, the recurring benefits of these sessions will last your entire career. If you would like to find out more or have an initial consultation please complete our contact form.
Interview skills coaching sessions could help you secure the job you never thought you could get. The difference between who gets the position and who doesn’t comes down to interview performance.

Nursing Resumes interview coaching consists of an initial consultation, then a comprehensive one-on-one phone session with our Senior Trainer, then research and material are provided to ensure you are able to practice your new-found skills.

You will gain benefit from the knowledge and experience of our coaching team. You will learn how to effectively communicate in an interview situation. You will be able to accurately convey your message in such a way that a panel member can visualise you actually being in the position. This ensures you have the best chance of securing the trust and confidence of your audience.

Interview skills coaching teaches you the verbal communication skills you need to back up the impressive written documents we provide.


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