A highly experienced Registered Nurse with over two decades of Coordinator experience within hospital settings, my client found an advert for their ideal role. Though a worthy candidate, they worried that their age might see them overlooked for the role.

During our consultation, we explored their experiences within and beyond nursing, discussing their ongoing work in personal training, and the levels of fitness required to undertake such active roles. Though not entirely relevant to the specific role, mentioning this ongoing activity allowed me to contextualise their health and capacity to undertake the physical elements of the role, thereby giving me the opportunity to showcase their capacity without minimising their extensive practical nursing experience.

Speaking with the HR advisor for the role prior to our consultation, the client had a clear understanding of the important areas of the advertisement to focus on, allowing me to tailor their documents appropriately.  Excited about the potential to work within this setting, the client had researched the hospital’s values, and we used these core principles to guide the development of the cover letter to subtly demonstrate how the client’s values align with those of the hospital they wish to work at.

By demonstrating not only the client’s high-level experience within similar roles, but their passion and dedication around supporting staff through effectively coordinating resources, I effectively showcased the client’s suitability for the role, and capacity to thrive within the hospital’s team. I look forward to hearing back from this client about the success of their application.