This order was for a Registered Nurse who had been working for two years on a casual basis but also possessed a wealth of knowledge across various areas of nursing. The client was looking to maintain a casual form of employment while completing study in a more specialised field. Being a more mature aged post-graduate student, she was also hoping to highlight her unique skill set without selling herself short or projecting uncertainty of her commitment.

I approached the writing of her resume in a way that I could best utilise her experience and highlight her most dominant skills. My goal was to do this without drawing focus on her disinterest in leadership roles or taking on additional responsibilities as the client was more interested in being on the floor and in a more hands-on position.

Having worked in several other professions previous to completing her Bachelor of Nursing Science, we decided it would best just to focus on her nursing experience and the accomplishments she had achieved thus far. This approach worked really well for the client’s circumstances and resulted in a well-rounded and structured, easy to comprehend Resume.

Additionally, we approached the key selection criteria in much the same way. I highlighted the skills she utilised in each example provided, and we kept the examples of her work simple to the point and with clear outcomes.

Overall the two documents worked well together to put forward the client’s suitability for the advertised role, and she was extremely happy with the end result, acknowledging that she would not have thought to approach her documents in such a way.