Nursing Resumes have the answers to all your application dilemmas. Our professional staff are highly knowledgeable about all current recruitment practices in the professional Nursing and Medical industry, making them the perfect partner in helping you to prepare a winning application.

Whether you are looking for a graduate nursing position or a more senior role, our expertise and knowledge will be of benefit in the preparation of your application. With a sole practice in the writing of professional applications, you can trust Nursing Resumes to have your best interests at heart when we prepare your documents.  


Key selection criteria are a major component of the modern day application process.They are used in today’s highly contested job market by employers to gauge the suitability of candidates to particular roles. The length and depth of key selection criteria can and do change from role to role. As an applicant, you need to fulfill this critical portion of your application or it will not be considered in most cases.


When you are a nurse looking for career advancement or a graduate role, you may not be in a position to devote as much time as is necessary to the answering of key selection criteria, particularly when they are extensive and require very comprehensive responses. This may be because of current work commitments, study commitments or perhaps lack of confidence.

The professional team of writers at Nursing Resumes are qualified and experienced, with years of practice in helping professional nurses, medical professionals and allied health professionals to advance their careers. We will conduct an over the phone consultation with you, gathering all the necessary details required to answer your selection criteria on your behalf. Once we have gathered this information, we will professionally craft responses in line with current recruitment practices and the specific needs of the application. All responses are written based on the information we gather from you for you.

The convenience of engaging professional writers with knowledge of the government recruitment system and answering key selection criteria with proficiency includes the reduction of stress and anxiety in wondering whether you will have your application prepared on time and also the professional level of content you will receive. Our team is used to working to tight deadlines over a variety of differing roles, including medical professionals and allied health, and will write you the best application possible.

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